Saturday, March 12, 2011

The AM Post at The LCCT Airport

I'm really tired right now, never get enough sleep from the yesterday night until now..sigh..hurm..Now at LCCT airport sending my Boyfie mum with his sister because their flight will be boarding at 7am..After from airport have to rush to Puncak Alam, getting shower n dress up to attend the BBQ at Ampang!!

Omaigadd...what a really Fullest day :(....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My super new Entry..I am afraid to Wednesday !!

U know y I'm saying like that,'s b'cause in about 2 hour from now will be going to class yang sgt digeruni pd sem ni..ya Datin yg Super daring..Sumpah sgt cuak nk pegi class dye..tiap3 mgu b4 pegi class u must read the chapter, if not..u'll be the DEAD MEAT!! Hahahha..sebab dh pernah kne denda krn x baca ape yg dia suruh...:) (Padan Muka!!)
 :)     BtW..i love ur style..the way u encouraged us!! But sometimes i had my butterfly inside my tummy whenever u are around..;) Wpun time kt sblah jalan tgh tggu traffic light..hihi..

Semoga Mood Dia ok hari ini..Please be kind with us :)

This Is really the first time !!!

Hello, I'm newbies idea on how to create n write any, its looks a bit clumsy..It's quite long time i decide to make a blog, but believe me..I hard to find the cool name..yaa, i used any name that cross into my mind at the time i was signed up, if soon or later i got other name,,will do re-change..:)