Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My super new Entry..I am afraid to Wednesday !!

U know y I'm saying like that,'s b'cause in about 2 hour from now will be going to class yang sgt digeruni pd sem ni..ya Datin yg Super daring..Sumpah sgt cuak nk pegi class dye..tiap3 mgu b4 pegi class u must read the chapter, if not..u'll be the DEAD MEAT!! Hahahha..sebab dh pernah kne denda krn x baca ape yg dia suruh...:) (Padan Muka!!)
 :)     BtW..i love ur style..the way u encouraged us!! But sometimes i had my butterfly inside my tummy whenever u are around..;) Wpun time kt sblah jalan tgh tggu traffic light..hihi..

Semoga Mood Dia ok hari ini..Please be kind with us :)

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